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Flotation Separator(*)

Flotation Separator

  • Lab flotation cell

    Lab flotation cell

    The lab flotation cell provides flotation of minor ore samples in labs of geological,metallurgical,chemical and other industries. It is the best choice for you to do test the mine recovery and composite on your beginning stage before mass mining plant.
  • Flotation cell

    Flotation cell

    Flotation machine (also called Flotation separator) is suitable for colored black metal and sorting, also can be used for non-metallic such as: Coal fluorite, talc choice of don't. The flotation machine by motor triangle generation transmission to drive the impeller rotation, produce centrifugal action form negative pressure, on the one hand, suction enough air to pulp mixing, on the one hand, stirring pulp and drug combinations, and at the same time refining bubble, make mineral adhesive foam on, floating to the pulp surface reformulation mineralization foam. Adjust disc height, control level, make useful foam was scraper scrape.

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